I didn’t scroll a soul today.

I just couldn’t as mentally I couldn’t get over the brutal rape news about Asifa.

And then I was wondering how such souls survive.

Thank God Asifa died! That little soul will at least feel safe in heaven. She didn’t deserve to be a part of this unsafe world.

Imagine that feeling, that moment where you realize you aren’t strong enough to get out of that situation. Even self defense training fails when a gang of men grab your wrist and imagine that force applied to your whole body.

Every part of your body and senses…becomes useless. Your body isn’t even your body anymore. It belongs to THEM.

And not only your body, but everything you are is ripped away in that one moment.

Your mind and soul nothing functions and for a kid like Asifa she doesn’t even know what pleasure they are feeling in her pain.

There’s nothing for you to do except wait for IT to get over.

And you feel as though anything in the world could be better than this.

Even death. You may even pray that you could choose death instead.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t even choose that.

It’s not something that can ever be erased, even as the physical bruises fade.

Every person around you becomes a virtual threat and sometimes you still hold that breath when you walk past a group of boys because you know what people are capable of.

Nothing will ever erase what happened to you.

You might never be able to go back to the person you used to be.

For those who died, I wonder if living was a better choice.

For those alive, I wonder what it takes to live again.

Is like life and death, even rape is uncertain?

It can happen anytime and anywhere. And to live with this fear all our lives is something that seems inevitable.

No laws will ever fix this.

Asifa is not the first case, she won’t be the last.

Let the U in hUman make the difference and not the MAN in it.


PS: A part of this blog is quoted from a note written by a rape survivor.




17799353_1648513625164143_4779672653315421312_nShe was born at “Happy-o-clock” and her name is “Adventure”.  Physically in Delhi, with a heart that belongs to Indore.  Her soul is yellow in colour as it is full of bright blood cells and an accessory that she never forgets to wear is ‘laughter’. Professionally, she is a writer, editor and event manager.


She has an “M FACTOR” in life because her name is “Megha”. Being “Happy-Go-Lucky” is her M FACTOR. This factor reflects every time you interact with her, be it in person or in the virtual world.

Megha means ‘cloud’ and she lives on ‘cloud ADVENTURE’.  She loves to explore the unexplored in her own ways. She looks forward to travel, pamper herself and spend some time deep with her thoughts while blogging on ‘a tranquil nook‘.


Her food for thought is ‘being healthy’. Dancing and working out regularly is something that gives her strength and is her adrenaline rush. This 24-year-old girl loves her “ME TIME” despite life’s daily hustle-bustle.  Some dim lights and good music charges up her mind and is her way to unwind herself from the routine.


When asked to share a part of her that she feels never belonged to her, she replied, “DEPRESSION”. When she was young, full of energy and ideas, she was also clueless about what to do in life. It was too early for her to figure out what matters and what doesn’t. She then needed light but didn’t find any spark. She battled her own negativity and drained herself to a point where she tasted breathlessness. But then, it was she herself who came out of that phase and gave wings to her imagination.

Congratulations Soul 1 for being your own light.


 “I always looked at others and assumed that they are happier in life. I used to wonder how happy they must be both personally and professionally. This way I did harm my mental peace. I also dragged myself to do things just for the heck of it. I did pursue jobs which were only source of income but not happiness. And all of this was a part of my mechanism.”

While making this soul conversation, she expressed that her soul needs love and passion more than just a pay check.


  • What is overrated in your life?COMMITMENT
  • Your emotional goals- To become neutral specially towards reacting to situations
  • Your self-blocking pattern- I drag myself in situations which can be given a closure
  • Your source of happiness- LOVE AND CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT
  • Your source of sadness- Other’s opinions
  • Your source of anger- Waiting for someone
  • For what would you give yourself an OSCAR? – My Childhood
  • Out of 1 to 10, rate your love for yourself- 12

“Don’t regret anything in life, for you really wanted it at some point of time in life.”Megha Singh


DISCOVERY: Soul 1 was spontaneous during this soul conversation. Her soul is self-enlightening and enthusiastic. Her inner belief is to live in the moment. At this point in life, her soul is focusing on ‘sense of contentment’.  

SOUL 1 SUMMARY:  This kind of soul tells us to live in the present and be your own light. To live life fearlessly and nurture your own soul for a happy and content life. 



Scrolling Soul 2

“The Giver” is her name and she was born a natural caretaker. Professionally and personally, she picked an unending job for herself, which has no joining date or retirement and that is the job of giving. She gives because her happiness–and her success–comes from someone else’s happiness and someone else’s success.

As a giving person, she finds that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Her soul is full of suppressed emotions. She will never come and tell you verbally that she loves you or is hurt rather keep breathing her emotions in and out.

Her soul wears strength as she has the power to hide her deepest pain with a smile on her face. She has no qualms about it and is in a happy state.

Her soul is deep and that of a kind which is full yet somewhere empty. Full of emotions and empty of self-love. She feels everything too hard. Be it the good or the bad. Had her heart been a skill, she would have been earning in millions.

So, is she a burden? Yes, that’s what she feels!

Before speaking, she thinks what if I hurt someone!

Before cooking, she thinks what if the dish gets spoiled!

Before asking for her needs, she thinks what if the other person also needs something!

And, all her life she lives with her what ifs!!!

Her deepest desire is to see her people happy in life. She has tasted both richness and poverty so she knows that doesn’t feed her soul.

Her soul is on the lookout of company of the people she lives with. She is selectively-social because her life revolves around her family. Nothing interests her except her family.

She is self-abused due to excessive generosity. “The Giver” not just gives love but also opinions and advice.

She is fond of talking to people to a point where she loses track on what to talk. She is not aware of her own thoughts because she has suppressed her feelings to a point that when she meets someone, her thoughts overflow. She is unaware of suppression because that has become her way of living.

Her soul is abandoned and let me tell you she lives in a family where she has a husband and pretty well-settled children. They love her and she knows it well. There is nothing bad that has happened to this soul but she is in constant emotional pain.
“I feel “doing good” is an exaggeration. Yes, I am a giver and love to talk to different people but there are moments when I feel a certain way but pretend differently. I overthink on all the “what ifs” and sometimes feel that I am living for no good. At heart, I do expect my close ones to do for me selflessly and spend more time with me.”


  • What is overrated in your life?EMOTIONS
  • Your emotional goals- To fight emotional numbness
  • Your self-blocking pattern- I keep my feelings only to myself and create illusions
  • Your source of happinessOthers happiness
  • Your source of sadness- Others worries
  • Your source of anger- When someone delays things that need immediate action
  • For what would you give yourself an OSCAR? – I am not sure if I deserve an Oscar for anything
  • Out of 1 to 10, rate your love for yourself- 6

“In giving, you also gift yourself the joy of living”- The Giver


DISCOVERY: Soul 2 was conscious during this soul conversation. Her soul is full of love and suppressed emotions. Her inner belief is to live a life for others. At this point in life, her soul is focusing on happiness-outside and not inside. She will be content only when she knows the people in her life are living a happy life.

SOUL 2 SUMMARY: This kind of soul tells us to be generous but only to a point that we don’t harm our own happiness. There comes a point when giving is taken for granted. So while giving others, we must not forget to give ourselves love and happiness.


Coming Soon: Soul Conversations

Why communicate with your soul?

I love talking to different kinds of people. Since childhood I remember meeting and asking my friends and cousins about themselves and how did they spend their day.

While growing up I realized this is a part of my mechanism and I love knowing people from a different point of view.

And then, I thought why not make a written record of different kinds of people and share it with all my friends out there!

Some souls may reveal their deepest parts, some may not!

Some may express, some may continue to suppress!

Some may sound real, some sugar-coated!

But what I know is in the process of knowing you, you will know yourself a little more and I will help myself a little more.

We all come from different places, not geographically but emotionally too.

We all belong to different places, not in terms of destination but in terms of destiny.

Let’s have a soulful communication and express the unexplored part of us.

This gives me a special vibe that I am going to spread and share with all of you shortly.

Soul Scroll is a blog for people who have a story within themselves that they don’t want to read aloud.

Make me your pen and express your inner feelings. 

I am here to give you a written record of yourself.

Coming Soon, Soul Scroll Season 1.

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Friday- 9pm, Revealing Soul 1.

Love Laugh Live

Soul Scroll

Introducing Soul Scroll Season 1- Get Your Feelings Featured


I am here to express the unexpressed through the columns of this blog.

I had this feeling that I am not writing for myself since long and just doing some routine professional writing so I wanted to start something new and impactful.

Then I wondered what if YOU can be a part of this journey.

Trust me, it will be worth it.

So let me explain what this is all about.

Soul Scroll is a blog for people who have a story within themselves that they don’t want to read aloud.

Make me your pen and express yourself.

I am here to write a biography for you in a way that will help you know yourself better.

Every week I will be sharing the inner story of a soul and feature it anonymously. If you want, your name will be mentioned otherwise it will be kept anonymous.

The objective behind this is to help you know yourself better and give you a platform to get your feelings featured.

It will only be between you and me in a way but reach millions through one post.

It can be an expression, incident, challenge, fear, chapter or story. Maybe, just a feeling that you want to express but don’t know how to put it across.

Ready to be Soul 1 of my Season 1?

Connect with me at ankita.usm@gmail and I will get back to you. You can also send me a personal message.

The chapter will be published every Friday at 9 pm on my blog and you can further share it on any media.

Love Laugh Live

Let’s get started 🙂

Soul Scroll






Dear students/friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful time writing and preparing for the board exams. Indeed one of the most hyped and “important” examinations in our life as lifted by both the education system and peer groups.

So, now you are done with writing the exam and probably waiting for results with great hopes, aspirations and fears. You have put in the entire year working hard. I am sure all of you have invested your time, money and hard work to make through it. Many of you must have burnt the midnight oil, went for tuition’s or extra-classes, been awake 24*7, tried to away yourself from every possible social media, friends and relatives just to appear and do well in BOARDS. I know the aura is so that we all have to deal with it no matter how positive and supportive everyone is!


Fine, you are done with all of it.

The preparation, fear, expectations and with all of it here comes the time for the results, maybe declared or about to be declared.


Before I write my message for you I want to tell you the reason or thought behind this letter. Every year just after the results are declared we happen to read or watch news which tells us about young people committing suicide or dealing with depression, anxiety or mental illness soon after the declaration and this is what disturbs me to the core.

But by then the time is gone when we can speak to you or ask you what made you do so and why did you even dare to think of doing this act!! It’s pretty late and all we can do is join candle marches, write on social media forums, blame the education system, interview parents and lastly pray for their souls to rest in peace.

But now comes the point that how do I make you feel or think better??

I won’t be verbose about life and its elements but just make an effort to tell you your worth and purpose of life. Yes my dear friends/students your thoughts make you what you are so let’s think differently and act differently.


YOU are special and deeply loved. Your marks or grades don’t determine your self-worth. You are still special and matter a lot to your family, friends and society. This is not the end rather just a new beginning towards your dreams and aspirations. One exam or one result is not what you were living for. Your life is still great and you have the potential to make the best of your life. This is just a report card of one examination which can always be worked on for improvement, and that’s it.

This is not the end of your life.

Life is beautiful and we are living with a purpose which is greater and still achievable. We have to work towards GRADE A and 100% in life. We have to excel in life, make our parents proud and do wonders. And we still can, this is just a bend not the end.


Reality is that our interests and capabilities differ so sometimes we fail to figure out where exactly we are lacking and how can we improve. I know the times we are living in; are of competition, rat race and just climbing up. Now it’s more about “we got to be successful soon and earn good”. It’s more about achieving more in less time and just excel. Yes it’s important for you to earn your bread and better. Yes it’s important for you to run a family, own a house,  car and all the luxuries in life. Yes it’s also important to click on the first attempt and show the world that you can.

Trust me it’s important but not the end of your story.

And yes, you can do all of the above sooner or later but we differ and so does our results.

This result is just one chapter of your book so rewrite it or improve the next chapter but don’t end the book on this note because the story has a better and beautiful climax. Make it, create it and live it.

I may sound preachy or idealistic because I know even after reading this when the result day will come you will still feel tensed and if you don’t attain good marks you may feel depressed. That’s completely fine but only for that moment. Don’t decide for the rest of your life in that one moment. Get up, learn from your mistakes and face it. You can and you will.

By writing this letter I anyhow don’t intend to discourage exams or lessen the importance of boards or make you feel casual about it but just want you to reflect, evaluate and understand. Life is beautiful so believe in it and live it.

I would like to conclude by writing a short note to parents with utmost reverence. I understand your expectations and dreams from your children which absolutely are genuine. But please make them feel that you expect them to first live well, be good and then perform.

 Let’s sit together and release their stress, worries and fears with a feel of assurance that they will still be special, loved and their worth would remain the same.

Sometimes one word, sentence or pat does it all.

Let’s just assure them that they can still do wonders and make them believe in themselves and understand life better.

Five years from now you will understand that grades and marks matter but skills and values matter the most.

So hone your skills both professional and life skills, identity your potential, make a choice, dream for it and make it happen. YES IF YOU THINK, YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.


And yes heartiest congratulations, for you have survived so far so you will surely sail through all very well.

“Great minds and great personalities don’t always have great mark sheets. All you need for a great life is the first two”- Vir Das


My heart is my womb: The adoptive mom

mother day 2

Babies, motherhood and parenthood come in all shapes and sizes. It is that day of the year when the word ‘maa’ echoes from every corner; be it in presence, on phone, social media or in memories. Some are celebrating with their kids, some from a distance and some just can’t wait to get the first glimpse of their child. But not everyone is celebrating Mother’s Day.  Some are also brooding over the thought of adoption and dealing with the social pressure of ‘being infertile’. On this special day, let’s celebrate motherhood and hope that every woman out there who has mothered in her own way or who aspires to be a mother is feeling loved. Whether it’s a mother of two, a teacher or someone slogging through infertility, every type of mother makes daily sacrifices for the children she loves. Becoming a mom through adoption is an incredible and life-altering experience. Let’s acknowledge all the adoptive moms out there who have battled the tough ride and also encourage those who are taking time to make a life-changing decision


  • “Biology is the least of what makes you a mother”

The biological process of producing a child is not the ticket to motherhood. It is just one natural phenomenon which gives you the experience of bringing a new life through pregnancy. So what else is motherhood all about? It is love and not DNA that makes you a mom. Yes, it is hard and demands a lot of openness but surely something doable and there are many in the world living this incredible experience.

  • The road to motherhood via adoption

The road to adoption is full of heartaches but it is also rich with love coming from every direction. For some women, the time that passes between making the decision to adopt and becoming a mom is relatively short. For others, it can be long; sometimes spanning several years. It is more about the spirit with which you will make the move. If you are willing then you have the power to make it happen. Just make it open-hearted. The adoptive mothers have given birth through their hearts and not their womb is the only technical or biological difference. On this special day, it is very important to honour all the adoptive mothers who have created destiny for a new child. Yes you are the creator and the choice will always be yours; be it mental, physical or emotional.

  • Fight the hard fight because it’s never a second choice

Know it today; adoption is never a second choice. There are many leading women in the world who have made this move because they just wanted to experience this blessed phase. And to mention they are fertile enough to reproduce and add to the population of our country. Famous Indian celebrities like Sushmita Sen and Raveen Tandon decided at the young age of 20-something and successfully adopted children with love and warmth. People should know that waiting is extremely emotional and to be ignored or forgotten on a day like Mother’s Day intensifies that emotion. They deserve respect, recognition, consideration, thoughtfulness and kindness.

  • Let your courage factor prevail over all social factors

With growing awareness and changing social mores, the trend of single women coming forward to adopt children is growing in India for sure. But what matters the most is your courage. No social factor can dominate over your decision and those who have made this decision have proved to bring the much needed change in this world.

  • Celebrate the unique motherhood of adoption

Of course, as with any holiday, Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts. It’s about being noticed for being a mom or a mom-to-be. Let no prejudices or rituals make the adoptive mom feel any less because it is she who has made a significant choice. So she deserves gratitude, special gestures and words of acknowledgement. Words such as “When you’re a mom, you’ll understand” can be hurtful so choose your words wisely. Just remember that whatever you end up doing, make sure the focus is to celebrate and honour your friend and her new family unit. Be sensitive to the situation surrounding the adoption as well as the adoption process, and always offer to be there for emotional support when needed. They have already chosen life for their unborn child, and now are choosing a home that can give him or her best life possible.

So the bottom line is we come into each other’s lives for a reason and embark on this unique motherhood journey together, hand in hand. You may be a different kind of mother and your way of production may differ but what makes you a mother is solely the love and selfless care you share. Every wo‘ma’n has ‘ma’ in her, we love you and embrace you every single day.

Happy Mother’s Day to one and all !